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Submit Reply to Objection

Submit Reply to the Trademark Office

After an application for trademark registration is made, it is analyzed by trademark examiners. This is done within a period of three months to one year from the date of filing. The officials scrutinize the application forms, the mark and also run their own trademark search.

The trademark office scrutinizes the fulfillment of procedural requirements of the Reply to the Examination Report. Like Form, manner, prescribed fee payment, proper classification, etc.

After this process, they take note of their opinions and analysis about the Scope of the mark getting registered, in which they usually give out reasons as to why the applied mark should not be registered under the Trademark Law.

All of these objections along with the statutory provisions are put together in the form of a Trademark Examination Report. The trademark examination report is also put up on the trademark office website along with details of the trademark application.

It is required that the Applicant replies within 30 days from the date of receipt of the examination report. This document is known as Trademark Examination Reply.

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